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There will be no grand symphony.
No exodus statues.
No religion generated mass sympathy.
"I should be afraid for my life,
but it was never mine."

"I should be afraid,
but we're out of time."

Religion as a government,
Is preference in execution.
Grab your guns and air out your minds.

You traded shaman for showmen,
Covered in filth but I still open eyes.

Ethnic cleansing as a social policy
("Fuck off.")
Trading tolerance for ignorance.
Cursing the ones that cast no stone.
Let your god grant you the strength...

For your downfall is coming soon
Same shit different religion
You're not evolving simply by subscribing.
All your titles are dead weight

"From the forefathers telling stories of false gods,
To the serial killers walking in our malls,
we're all just equally wrong.
You are equally just as wrong."


from BLACKOUT, released January 30, 2016



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