Deer Slayer

from by Arms



For I am never comfortable and always awake.
Molten rock flows freely through my spine.
Materials broken down,
The mind snaps like an unchartered fleshed out twig.
The impulse is ready and the scream cries out,
Meanwhile, a universe out there heard nothing.

"This ain't a sermon, it's a challenge.
Ignorance derived in factions."

You've been loving the same love,
Losing the same wars,
Hating the same hate.

Resisting everything, to be nothing.
I am not your god, I forgive nothing.

"I don't need an audience,
let these words fall upon death ears.
But let my voice be your rally cry,
And rally around me.
Because if you won't do it for yourselves,
Then do it for me.
A self made prophet,
A self sufficient prophecy."

"I won't die a slave."

They won't give warning,
Do not wait for war.
There is no nail to be driven if the nail cannot sustain.
We plead and prey but the response,
it's always the same.
"I am seamless, I remember nothing."



from BLACKOUT, released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Arms Orlando, Florida

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